• organic, limited ingredient, all-natural dog treats

Camberville Family, thank you for treating your pups with us since 2014! I've loved so much helping to make your pups happy and healthy! As I continue to grow my family and pursue new ventures, I'm very sad to announce we're pausing production of our treats. You can still grab them at our store locations and online until they sell out. Thank you again, it's been an amazing joy and I will miss treating your pups very much! ~ Katie

Use as training treats, crumble as a meal topper, or give as a daily wholesome snack.



Our dogs are part of our families, and we believe they deserve to eat as well as we do with our human-grade treats.

​The nutrient-packed and allergy-free squares are full of flavor, low in fat​ and gentle on your dogs' bellies. 

10% of our profits are donated to animal rescues.

October-December: Wags and Walks


My dog loves Camberville treats. So do I.​ Here are my top reasons for buying them again and again and why you should too. 
-They contain only whole food ingredients.
-They're crunchy, but don't break apart - no crumbs to clean up. 
-They donate 10% of their profits to animal charities.

- Lynne C.

We ordered these 1-2 days ago and already received in the mail. They are the BEST treats I've found for sensitive stomachs, all organic and few ingredients. Not to mention they are the nicest people! And usually have a discount available. I HIGHLY recommend you and your pup check them out! 

- Carol B.

My name is Hank and I live in Boise, Idaho. My friends Steph and Pepper from Boston brought me some delicious kale and banana treats. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE THEM!!! ​I will be ordering some from your website soon!

- Hank S.
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