"So happy with these! Was on the hunt for a healthy treat for my dogs and came across these. Only a few ingredients and my dogs love them!"
Kyleigh C.

"Thank you for providing quality treats that are easy on my frenchie tummy. Love these snackies!"
- WinstonGeorge

"My two dogs absolutely love these sweet potato and peanut butter treats - and I love the short list of ingredients and great quality!!! And, I am so happy to be buying directly from the local source and supporting a local small business!"
- Sue K.

"The dogs love them. Their favorite treat."
- Dayton M.

"My dog loves these treats and I love that they’re local and homemade. Plus, delivery service is easy from ordering online to on the doorstep a few days later. The treats are easy to break up into smaller bites and my pup loves the crunch and the flavor. Thanks for making the best of the bunch!"
Norah C.

"The best!! Best treats and customer service around. My dogs love all the flavors!!"
- Tanya C.

"My yorkie loves these. These snacks are perfect for his sensitive stomach."
Denise W.

"We love these treats but more importantly our dog Max loves them! We love the fact they are healthy and locally made. It feels good to support a local company while feeding our dog healthy treats!"
- Victoria

"Delicious, healthy treats for my son's dog! He loves them! These were Kai's favorite treat!"
- Laurie P.

"THE best treats around - especially for sensitive stomachs. Fast shipping. Insane cookies for my fur babies! My babies LOVE these treats. I have to buy 3 at a time now to make sure I don't run out. My little girl who has digestive troubles will even eat these when she refuses her food. They seem to get her appetite going or her meal. SO happy to have this option for her!!"
- Denise G. 

"My puppies love these, they are a perfect treat. One of my dogs is allergic to everything and can eat these without a reaction."
- Kathy D. 

 "Absolutely love these treats! Ordering more soon."
- Kerry P.

"My little guy loves all the different varieties in Camberville Dog Treats. Healthy and tasty treat for him. My first time trying catnip. With the suggestion of Camberville I made each of my 5 cats a sock ball with some catnip in each. My little ones enjoyed playing around with this homemade easy toy/treat."
- Irene F.